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What do you think about Foss Creek Circle?

Sunday, October 14th, 2012 | Posted by | 7 responses

Earlier this month, the city officially made Foss Creek Circle a one-way street, a move the city intended as a way to deal with a rise in vehicle traffic since the post office relocated there two years ago.

City officials argued the increased traffic was causing congestion and some accidents on the street. While a survey by the city showed a majority of business and residents on the street, which includes condominiums, warehouse spaces and offices, favored making the change, the post office opposed it.

We’d like to know what you think – take our poll on the Healdsburg Towns home page and share any thoughts or comments here.

7 Comments for “What do you think about Foss Creek Circle?”

  1. Traffic seems to flow smoothly, even if the wait to turn can be quite a bit longer than it used to be. If the previous way was causing regular accidents, then so far I say it’s worth the wait.

  2. There’s no poll….and for the record, this feels like much ado about nothing. If we don’t have the flexibility to live with small changes like this, how can we possibly cope with the bigger things in life that demand our adaptability???? Can we seek more pertinent community issues to address?

  3. It’s one of the dumber things the city council has done. What’s next, a roundabout at the intersection of Healdsburg Ave and Mill St.?

  4. Have lived on Foss Creek Circle for three years and really didn’t think traffic was much of a problem. Now, however, there is a problem–have witnessed people driving the wrong way down the street and near head-on collisions at least four times since the one-way street was instituted. Locals will get used to it but it will continue to be confusing and dangerous for out-of-area folks.

  5. The One Way should have been in the opposite direction than what it is now. It makes better sense to have the one way flow from North to South rather than South to North. That would have provided a better flow to the mail boxes outside the post office. I hope it can be changed, but probably not cost effective.

  6. the flow like it has been stated should of been north to south, and when are the mail boxes going to be moved so you don’t have to turn into the driway to drop off mail.

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