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New name for controversial Healdsburg wine shop

Friday, July 15th, 2011 | Posted by



A Healdsburg wine shop has a new name to replace “The Serial Grapist” that some found in poor taste.

Stephen Moore held a contest to rename his new wine shop and tasting room after complaints that the Serial Grapist pun made light of sexual assault.

Henceforth his shop on Center Street, a block from the Healdsburg Plaza, will be known as “Wicked Wines.”

Moore said he received about 70 entries and it was one of his regular customers who offered the new name and will get a $100 gift certificate for use in the wine shop.

“I really liked the double alliteration and I think two ‘W’s are good for graphic artists to work with,” Moore said.

He also said “wicked” is a widely used expression in his native Massachusetts. “It gives a nod to where I’m from,” he said.

Wicked Wines edged out a number other finalists including “Planet of the Grapes,” “Grape Escape” and “Grape Expectations.”

  • snafu

    The name was in no way “controversial.’ What the issue really was called is; ‘SENSATIVITY OVERLOAD,’ by the WHINERS who always look for something to complain about that has absolutely no relevance with anything but their own inabilities to say and do what they feel. And even then, those individuals who do whine and complain, create free advertising for the businesses they ‘think’ they’re hurting.

    So who are the REAL losers, the WHINERS & COMPLAINERS! LOL, LOL, LOL!!!

    • rukidding


      You must be male

      • snafu

        @rukidding, what does my gender have anything to do with my comments? Alas, but I do know from your “reply.” If you’re referring to the inference, and similarity of the word “Grapist” to ‘rapist,’ then your reply has let it be known that you are a female, and very sensitive to this ‘word’ only. You might have issues, and maybe an unfortunate incident in your past that this word triggers. For that I’m extremely sorry, but it’s just a word, and it won’t change your past history, only you can by getting professional help, and meaning no disrespect either.

        This is the Internet, and that was only the name of a business that had not intentionally meant to infer anything with the original name that some found offensive in their own minds only. And it becomes sad when a select few in a free society must, and dictates how a free entrepreneurship does things to make a living in todays poor economy.

        So I now say; do you want some cheese with your WHINE?

        But seriously ‘rukidding,’ get some help please, before you lose all perspective and the past takes control of you completely. Life is way too short to ponder on the negative ; – )

  • Mary Jo Winter

    Great name. I can almost see it in lights already!

  • NotOffended

    there is no “G” in RAPE!

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