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Will Fitch Mountain Eddie's be saved?

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 | Posted by



Fitch Mountain Eddie’s, a family restaurant in Healdsburg, is losing its lease and will have to close, its owner said Wednesday.

After almost two decades, the eatery popular with locals will go out of business for good if a new site can’t be found.

“People are upset. They have been coming here forever,” said Cathy Arteaga, the owner/manager of the restaurant known for a less-pricey menu and alternative fare to the haute cuisine that’s proliferated in Healdsburg.

“A lot of local people meet at Eddie’s every morning and have for 20 years,” said patron Nancy Lyle. “Why does this have to happen? What a shame that one more local favorite is being forced to leave our friendly home town.”

Fitch Mountain Eddie’s, located at the corner of Healdsburg and March avenues, is in a building next to Big John’s Market.

Grocery store owner John Lloyd, who also owns the restaurant site, wants to tear down the building to create more parking, according to Arteaga. Lloyd did not respond to a call Wednesday seeking comment.

“I don’t think it’s about money, he would have said,” Arteaga said. “He told me he needed it for parking.”

She is sad and so are her dozen employees and many more customers, most of whom she knows by first name. She said she holds no grudge and understands that Lloyd is looking our for his business.

Fitch Mountain Eddie’s has until June 20 at its current location and will keep serving breakfast, lunch and dinners — all manner of burgers, sandwiches and salads, biscuits and gravy, omelettes and waffles.

“If we find a place we can afford to move to, we will definitely move,” she said. “We’ve been looking for the past six months and haven’t found a place to afford,” she said.

In the meantime, Arteaga, who formerly owned Uruapan Restaurant in Petaluma, is planning another restaurant in that town.

In January, she will open “Zocalos” at the corner of McDowell and Lakeville Highway, offering Mexican, Puerto Rican and Nicaraguan dishes.

  • Cindy Codding

    We are going to be boycotting Big John’s now. Parking has never been a problem in that shopping center.

  • http://Facebook Evanthe Lindenau

    I will no longer be patronizing Big John’s until he decides NOT to tear down Fitch Mtn. Eddies building. There is plenty of parking and even if there isn’t he can find another solution to the problem without tearing down that building. I plan to protest in front of Big Johns with a sign asking people not to patronize the store until the owner finds another solution.

  • Joelle Burnette

    Sad news indeed. When I worked in Healdsburg, Eddie’s was a favorite haunt. Their juicy burgers and the best wedge fries ever, the salads with their poppy seed dressing, and the “Crispy Club” — a friend introduced me to that yummy delight. In my purse, I have one of their hamburger punch cards all filled up; I better make a drive up north soon to get my free hamburger. I think Big John’s is making a huge mistake considering all the times I went into John’s after going to Eddie’s.

    Sure, there are fabulous restaurants in Healdsburg on and off the plaza, but I’ve been going to Eddie’s since the early 90s and it would be truly unfortunate to lose such a gem for good. Here’s an idea…move to Rohnert Park! I know my family would love to have you here and I’ll do my best to spread the word. You could become Sonoma Mountain Eddie’s and our town would gain a fabulous locals’ joint. There’s plenty of commercial space to choose from and the other night, the city council said they are doing what they can to attract new businesses. Petaluma has enough wonderful restaurants. Pleeease, move to Rohnert Park! We’d be so happy to have you here.

  • Robin

    As long as the “new owners” (last several years) have owned FM Eddie’s my husband and I stopped going to eat there. The service declinded so bad our frustration drove us away. We would not miss the current FM Eddie’s; but I do not this Big John’s needs a bigger parking lot! I shop there every week and have never had a problem finding a parking place.

  • John Alexander

    WTH? There was always so much parking in that lot when the restaurant was open. I can’t believe this guy. There’s no way I’ll spend another some in that overpriced newly-pretentious store. Used to be a decent place with a down to earth personality about it. Everybody knows it hasn’t been that way in years. Sorry Cathy, can’t wait to try the new place!

  • Andrew

    “They paved paradise and put in a parking lot.” For those of you old enough to remember this line from an old Joni Mitchell song, this is exactly what’s happening here. Fitch Mountain Eddies had been an excellent ‘local’ place to eat, like many other older establishments in Healdsburg before the gentrification took hold a decade ago.

    Going, going, and almost gone is the traditional small town ‘local’ charm, bought out, and sold out. Glad I left when it was still a quaint place to live in.

    Sad, so very sad : – (

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